Under current legislation, a Special or Augmented pension/gratuity payable to a surviving spouse of a Police officer ("Police Survivor") who dies as a result of their injuries suffered in the line of duty may be stopped if the Police Survivor remarries, forms a new (registered) civil partnership, or cohabits with another person of the same or opposite sex.

The Purpose of this Scheme

In accordance with a pledge made by the former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith MP in May 2008, the Home Office has established a special discretionary grant scheme for the purpose of providing financial assistance to eligible Police Survivors in England & Wales, who are in financial need as a result of losing their Special or Augmented pension/gratuity as a result of the effect of police pensions legislation as outlined above. With further support from the governments of Scotland and Northern Ireland, this special scheme has been extended to apply to all eligible Police Survivors across the United Kingdom, not just those in England & Wales.

The Police Dependants' Trust ("the PDT"), has been appointed by the Home Office together with the respective governments of Scotland and Northern Ireland to administer this scheme on a not-for-profit basis to benefit those Police Survivors who may be eligible under the scheme.

Any eligible Police Survivor who in the opinion of the PDT is deemed to be in financial need, will have priority under this scheme. The trustees of the PDT may at their discretion consider it appropriate to provide financial assistance to any eligible Police Survivor if in doing so, the trustees are satisfied that such payment would help to promote the efficiency of the Police service in England & Wales (and in so far as this may also be applicable, in Scotland and Northern Ireland)."

Will All Police Widows/Widowers Be Eligible For Assistance?

Please note that this is a discretionary scheme. This means that even if a Police Survivor may be eligible to apply for assistance as a result of losing their Special or Augmented pension/gratuity in the circumstances outlined above, he or she cannot claim any entitlement to payment under this scheme. Any entitlement to benefit under this scheme will be determined at the discretion of the trustees of the PDT. This scheme is therefore not open to all Police widows or widowers in the United Kingdom. The funding provided to the PDT for this scheme can only be applied exclusively to those who:-

  1. Qualified for a Special or Augmented pension/gratuity on the death of their spouse or (registered) civil partner as a result of an injury received in the line of duty; but whose
  2. Special or Augmented pension/gratuity was stopped on their remarraige, cohabitation or upon a new civil partnership; and
    1. as a result of which, at the discretion of the trustees of the PDT, the Police Survivor in question is assessed as suffering hardship/in need of financial assistance due to the loss of their Special or Augmented pension/gratuity; or
    2. the Trustees of the PDT are satisfied that providing financial assistance to the Police Survivor in question would, in the particular circumstances, help to promote the efficiency of the Police service.

Police Survivors who benefit from a lifelong pension, namely, a Police pension that does not cease upon the survivor re-marrying, entering into a new civil partnership or cohabiting with another person of the same or opposite sex, are not eligible for assistance under this scheme but they may instead be eligible for registration with the PDT who may be able to assist them in the future, depending upon their individual circumstances.

The Duration of this Scheme

This scheme has been established and funded up to 30th March 2011 and is not therefore indefinite or open ended. The scheme will close after 30th March 2011. After this time, the trustees will not be in a position to accept or process any further applications for assistance under this scheme. If you consider that you may be eligible to benefit under this scheme or are in any doubt whatsoever, please contact us immediately using the contact details on this page to register and receive an application pack.

How Will The trustees Administer the Scheme?

The Trustees will assess the eligibility of each and every applicant and any payment or the amount thereof in accordance with a detailed and comprehensive financial means test. All applications received by the Trustees will be handled in a confidential, compassionate and sensitive manner.

Eligible Police Survivors cannot make repeat applications under the scheme. The trustees of the PDT are committed to ensuring that the application process will provide all applicants with the opportunity to provide the trustees with a complete picture of their personal and financial circumstances in order that the trustees may make an informed assessment and decision with regard to the provision of financial assistance under the scheme. As part of this commitment, all applications and enquiries will be handled through an award winning and accredited Contact Centre in the United Kingdom, where a team of friendly and dedicated people will be on hand to provide all applicants with assistance in submitting their applications or details of the scheme together with information on the application process.

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